5 Reasons to Attend Pilates Empowerment Summit 2017: The Presenters

What keeps people coming back to the Peak Pilates ® annual Pilates Empowerment Summit (PES)? The fabulous presenters! Every year PES attracts presenters from around the globe, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that brings together the industry’s leading professionals for an entire weekend. With presenters ranging from Senior Master Instructors to new studio owners, one can find anything from classical perspectives and traditional programming to modified practices for special populations and creative ideas for attracting new business.

Some of our favorite veteran presenters; Pat Guyton, Kathy Cory, Michael Fritzke and Ton Voight will be taking the stage again this June for PES 2017. In addition to these longtime favorites, Peak Pilates’s first Educational Director, Colleen Glenn, will be returning this year as well. Get ready for an extra special cocktail reception on the first night of PES, as these five will come together for a unique panel discussion called Through the Eyes of the Elders, led by Zoey Trapp. Through the Elders Eyes gives the audience an opportunity to engage with panel members in which they speak to a variety of personal experiences with elders they have had the privilege to practice with over time.

Alongside our seasoned presenters, we also have a few new faces this year, as Mikko Utecht and Valerie Grant join the 2017 PES presenter team. Mikko, a Peak Pilates Master Instructor and physical therapist will be traveling all the way from Finland to present at both PES and WSSC. Make sure to catch one of his educational sessions as he will be covering Help for Hip Pain, Pilates for Men and the Charged-Up Chair Circuit.

Pilates instructor, Valerie Grant, will be kicking off Wednesday activities with a preconference session on the Introduction to Feldenkrais for Pilates Professionals. During this time, Valerie, will be sharing her extensive knowledge of the Feldenkrais technique; a way to tap into the brain’s innate ability to change neutral pathways in order to make movements more comfortable and efficient. Valerie will also be presenting throughout PES, providing plenty of educational opportunities for attendees unable to attend the preconference lecture.

Wednesday is an exciting time as the Master Instructor Presenting Team will also be hosting a special complimentary “kick off” class!  If you just can’t wait for all the fun of PES Day One, make sure to hop alongside Colleen Glenn, Zoey Trapp, Kathryn Coyle, Pam Garcia, Nancy Hurd and Laura Philips as they kick off Reformer on the Mat Wednesday evening.

Whether a veteran or first time attendee, each presenter brings a unique expertise to the table, creating a community that speaks to Pilates professionals of all backgrounds, levels and specialties. Make sure to check back at the beginning of March for the full list of presenters and educational sessions when PES 2017 registration and schedule is live.

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This Article was contributed by Jules Coch, Peak Pilates Brand Manager.