Peak Pilates® is proud to introduce PayPal Credit all apparatus and accessories, making equipment even more accessible to every student.

At Peak Pilates, our goal is bring the beautiful benefits of Pilates to every body, from those small studios to folks looking to practice at home. With that ambition in mind, we are happy to introduce a brand new payment method. PayPal Credit, a new payment option at checkout, offers plans on purchases over $99 at 0% financing. This option ensures that anyone can afford the quality apparatus for which Peak Pilates is known.

What is PayPal Credit?

Prior to today, customers had only one way to pay for apparatus at; a single full payment. Unfortunately, this made purchasing sophisticated and classically constructed equipment like our Afina™ reformer difficult for the average consumer. Thankfully, with the new PayPal Credit option, anybody can devise a payment plan so that they can pay on their time and schedule. This option makes our beautifully crafted equipment, which are based on Joseph Pilates’ original designs and built with the latest advances in manufacturing technology, even more available to students and practitioners. And with 0% financing on terms under six months, there is no paying extra for any piece of our quality apparatus like our reformers, Cadillacs, chairs or barrels.

Benefits of Payment Plans

  • Makes our incredible apparatus even more accessible to students and clients
  • Pay on your time and schedule
  • Enjoy 0% financing on purchases over $99 at 0% financing
  • No need to sign up for PayPal or any new services

How to Use It

Simply add the items to your cart, proceed to checkout, and select the PayPal Credit option when you arrive at the “Order Confirmation” section. An array of payment plans will then appear for you to select. It’s that simple. Some payment plans may be subject to credit approval, but most will make the purchase of this equipment even easier to the small studio owner or customer that would simply like to bring a piece of equipment to their home.

Visit today and take advantage of this great new program for yourself and your students!



    How much would the shipping be to UK including the metal reformer with short box

    Posted On December 2, 2017

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