Peak Pilates® Virtual Certifications

Did you know that we offer virtual certifications?! Now, not everything can be delivered virtually… For example, our Classical Comprehensive program and FitCore™ Reformer Certifications are only available live; but we have learned during COVID that some programs offer distinct advantages when offered virtually.

Our Peak Pilates® Mat Certifications in the live format are intensive two-day trainings that require you to give up an entire weekend. Take these trainings virtually and they are spread out into shorter sessions that last 2-4 hours. This means that you can learn skills in smaller doses and practice in between sessions. Like all Mat courses, you will have online support materials, digital exercise pages, the exercise library, and workout videos. You will also have an assessment during the last session, and because the learning is spread out, you will probably be less stressed and feel more confident!

We also offer FitCore™ Mat and Chair Group Instructor Specialty Certifications virtually. FitCore™ is our fusion forward, music-driven program that melds Pilates with traditional fitness, yoga, and dance exercises in one fast-paced, fun workout. This program has been created specifically for the fitness instructor who wants to expand and try a new movement-based format. This program takes the guesswork out of teaching and meets the instructor where they are – it also builds onto their skills by providing a foundation of basic Pilates skills and pre-designed workouts that are released regularly to keep things fresh.

All our virtual certifications are led by highly trained and experienced Master Instructors who will lead you through the material and provide invaluable coaching to set you up for success in assessment, and more importantly, in real life. So, give virtual certifications a go – find out what the future holds for you!

Written by Zoey Trap, MS