Mark your calendar for the 8th Pilates Empowerment Summit 2020 in Miami! We have added two rooms, so that means there will be eight sessions for every time block. 33 sessions – more than ever before! What can you expect from start to finish? Here’s a glimpse of what to plan for:

May 28th

Pre Cons

Choose between Pilates for Scoliosis with Jillian Hessel or Slightly Askew Pilates with Pat Guyton, which looks at real-life challenges doing and teaching Pilates.

6 PM: Kick Off Class

Get things started right with this perennial favorite, Moving with the Masters, which is free to all attendees. This high-energy class is led by the Senior MI presenting team, so arrive early and stake out your mat!

May 29th and 30th

7:00-8:00 AM: Master Classes, Lectures, Mini Workshops

Get your blood pumping! Choose from multiple mat offerings or get on the equipment and rev up with Reformer. Treat yourself to Tower, challenge yourself with Chair, or take advantage of a lecture or mini workshop, such as Ladder Barrel Beyond the Basics with Pamela Garcia.

9:00 AM -12:15 PM: Workshops

New offerings this year include: The Legacy of Carola Trier and Pilates for Scoliosis and Asymmetry with Jillian Hessel; Franklin Method® Pelvic Power for Core Integration with Trey Fry; Authentic Arm Springs with Jamie Isaac; Addressing the Shoulder & Coordination of the Unit of the Arm with Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt. Three hours allows us to dive deep into subject material!

12:15 – 1:30 PM: Lunch, Break-out Meetings, Shopping

1:30-3:30 PM: Workshops and Lectures

This year’s new subjects range from teaching skills and technique details, to special population focuses including Balance, Feet, Tech Neck and working with Rectus Diastasis.

4:00-5:30 PM: Master Classes, Workshops, Lectures

Don’t worry if you are tired, we program our days with that in mind. You can unwind and explore the Splits Series on the Reformer, uplift yourself with Ped-o-Pul, stretch, attend a lecture, or even observe a special private session taught by a Master.

Special event on May 29th @ 5:30 PM: Annual Cocktail Reception:

We will host our annual cocktail reception and continue our tradition of exploring the legacy of Pilates. This year’s featured speaker will be a very familiar face as she has presented at every PES—Kathy Corey.

May 31st                  

Post Con

Spiraldynamik® and Pilates with Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt will explore how to help everyone reach their full potential of optimal movement. Discover new ways of looking at and understanding movement. Head home with a teaching tool box that’s full of new ideas.

This year we’ve expanded our business lecture offerings with topics including Taking Advantage of Tax Deductions, Thriving in Business, Teaching What You Love, Creating Client Relationships, and Performance and Vitality: Essential Oils for your Studio.

Peak is solidly dedicated to its classical education but also understands that the fusion market is booming. So take advantage of this year’s new sessions that explore the fitness fusion trend.

You won’t want to miss our fully programmed fusion studio! It will help to expand your perspective on how to compete against franchises, such as Club Pilates, Megaformer, and Barre for the group class market.  Expect fun-filled jam sessions packed with new ideas for creative group classes on mat and apparatus.

We hope to go live with registration within the next week or two, so check in at or by liking the Facebook page @Pilates Empowerment Summit.


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