Peak Pilates is proud to officially offer the Flexcushion® – a one stop prop that provides flexible solutions for real life Pilates teachers and students. The Flexcushion can assist with alignment needs and provide additional support  – and not just with Pilates. From Yoga practitioners to professional football players, the Flexcushion can be a valuable addition to practically anybody’s fitness routine.

The Flexcushion is a powerful tool for working with tight bodies, weak bodies, special populations; it even adds challenging training variables for those who reside in the upper-echelon of physical fitness, like professional athletes and career fitness professionals. It’s a simple, yet sophisticated solution for practically anyone that lives a fitness-focused lifestyle.

Here are a few of the many practices that benefit from the Flexcushion’s adaptability:

Athletic Performance

Various athletes – professional and amateur – use the Flexcushion in their training routines because it provides larger, tighter athletes a way to align their bodies – which are often uniquely built –  to get the most from their stretching routines. Professional football, basketball and baseball teams have been increasingly incorporating it into their performance training programs. Beyond the traditional team sports, track and field athletes, figure skaters and synchronized swimmers have also embraced its benefits. Heck, even Professional Sumo wrestlers have found it to be beneficial.

Physical Therapy

The Flexcushion also offers a number of solutions for physical therapy professionals. For instance, it can be used as a standard wedge, head and neck support, back support, stretch and alignment assister, incline or decline trainer – The list goes on-and-on. Additionally, it allows clients with isolated ailments that are hard to isolate, such as lower back or hip injuries –  to stretch more efficiently, without compromising their injuries. The Flexcushion also allows you to customize movements to meet the needs of various special populations. It can operate as a support system for overweight, deconditioned or injured students. It’s also particularly handy when instructing prenatal and post-natal students.


Personal Training

Personal Trainers (PTs) long for valuable functional training equipment as functional fitness is all the rage in the industry nowadays. Add in the fact that the Flexcushion weighs less than 6 pounds and is stackable –  two Flexcushions make a perfect square – and you can see why the Flexcushion would be an ideal addition to any PTs training toolkit. If you are a PT who travels around to different locations to train clients and classes, this is an excellent tool for you!


The Flexcushion is a smart addition for Pilates professionals and Yogis alike, as the practices have many similar core values, pun intended. Yoga instructors can use it in place of an oversized yoga block and several other pieces of studio equipment. From blankets and bolsters to bricks and wrist aligning aides – the Flexcushion is one piece of equipment that can fulfill various needs of yoga professionals.


Amongst its countless uses for Pilates professionals are the Flexcushion’s ability to operate as a multi-use prop for both mat equipment-based classes. It provides proprioceptive feedback through its high-density foam, much like the barrel.  In fact, when it comes to small barrel exercises, the Flexcushion can often be a better alternative for less advanced students. Whether you’re teaching a private one-on-one or a group class, the Flexcushion is always a handy tool to have when you need to make precise adjustments for the individual needs of your clients. Since it’s so light and easy to maneuver, it’s always readily available.

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This article was written by Zoey Trap, MS.

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