We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new and improved Classical Mat Certification Program! This program will provide you with a solid foundation in classical Pilates mat work and equip you with the skills and confidence to teach Pilates mat classes safely and effectively. 

Zoey Trap, Peak Pilates Executive Director of Education and Training, shares more helpful insight about the program: “The new Classical Mat Certification Program has been thoughtfully designed around the Beginning and Intermediate Mat exercise orders. To help you reach a more diverse population, it now includes more focus on fundamentals which can be helpful to beginners and de-conditioned students. It also incorporates Add-In exercises to help build better movement skills and functional fitness. Now the program also features traditional ending exercises to end the workouts.”  

What’s New About the Program? 

  • Enhanced Curriculum: Our updated curriculum offers a deeper exploration of classical Pilates principles, fundamentals, and progression techniques. 
  • Flexible Learning: Complete each level of a robust online course at your own pace and take advantage of optional 6-hour live sessions for personalized feedback and coaching. These optional sessions will be held virtually as well as in person. 

What Will You Learn Specifically?  

  • How to perform and teach 14 Fundamental Exercises, 37 Classical Mat Exercises, 14 Add-In Exercises, and 16 Classical Ending Exercises. 
  • How to look at Posture and Movement through the lens of Pilates. 
  • Anatomy of the powerhouse. 
  • Hone teaching skills. 
  • The basics of designing your own classical mat classes. 

Why Should You Enroll? 

  • Top-Notch Training: Learn the art and science of classical Pilates with our 5 Part Formula for Success. 
  • Professional Growth: Expand your teaching skills and advance your personal Pilates practice. 
  • Global Recognition: Earn a certification recognized worldwide and join a community of respected and skilled instructors. 


How is this different from the previous program? 

The previous program had 3 levels and was focused solely on classical exercises. It was conducted in 2-day live modules. The new program is 2 levels and encompasses more Fundamentals, Add-in work and Endings – expanding the syllabus tremendously.  

Additionally, the first level now includes intermediate work while the second contains intermediate and advanced work. As well, both are offered online or with a live option. 

How much does the program cost?  

  • Option #1: The online program costs $650, which includes all digital course materials and assessment fees.  
  • Option #2: The online program with the additional 6-hour live session, in which you will receive feedback and coaching virtually or in person, is only an additional $100. 

Of the two options mentioned above, which should I sign up for?  

Option #2 is specifically aimed at helping you to improve your understanding and performance of the exercises; as well as providing invaluable coaching on your teaching. If this feels right to you, go with this option.  

If I choose Option #2, do I complete the optional portion before or after the online portion?  

Once you’re enrolled in the online course, we’ll provide you with the dates for live and virtual offerings, so you can choose the format that best meets your needs.  

What if I already have a Peak Pilates® Basic Mat Certification? 

If you are Basic Mat Certified and wish to take Level I, you may take the entire LI Mat course at a 25% discount. (Email for more detail.) There is so much new coursework and many additional materials you will be ‘leveling up!’ 

Or you may take a LI Mat Transition Course offered as a live-only option which will cover only the new material. This course is 4 hours and worth 4 CECs. 

How many CECs will I earn with this certification? 

You will earn 14 CECs for each level of Peak Pilates Classical Mat. 

Sign Up Today! 

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