Why did you start taking Pilates classes?

In 2000, I was working at the Park Hyatt Tokyo as the Supervisor of the Fitness Center. I had heard about Pilates and wanted to know more about it but at that time Pilates was not available in Japan. One day, one of the hotel guests was doing movements that I haven’t seen before. This person was one of Romana’s assistants! He taught me a mat class that I would never forget. Right away I knew I wanted to become a Pilates teacher!

What inspired you to become a Certified Peak Pilates® Instructor and then a Peak Pilates Master Instructor?

The great body-mind connection after each class captivated me. I soon wanted to teach others this amazing discipline.

What do you love about teaching Pilates classes?

I love seeing the changes in my students’ bodies and minds (personality/mood).

What is your favorite apparatus?

The Chair (especially the Mve® Chair)

What makes Pilates such a great workout?

It not only balances your body but makes you feel in control of yourself.

Share a memory from your experience as a teacher/coach/presenter that embodies the value of being a Certified Peak Pilates Instructor or Peak Pilates Master Instructor?

I have met amazing people through Pilates. Each MI camp that I go to empowers me and makes me feel part of the caring Peak Pilates family.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about becoming a Certified Peak Pilates Instructor?

Follow your heart! If you feel the passion, go for it! Don’t get stuck on the setbacks that you may have.

What’s one of your favorite motivational quotes?

“By teaching you will learn, by learning you will teach” – Phil Collins

 Do you have a hero in the Pilates community, someone who deserves recognition for their leadership?

Clare Dunphy, Moses Urbano, and Lolita San Miguel.

General Biographical information:

Hugo-Codaro-groupPeak Pilates Full Comprehensive certified instructor and Level III Master Instructor with more than 25 years of experience in the health and fitness industry not only in Japan but also in Asia, Europe, and South America.

Over 10 years of managerial experience in the fitness and spa areas of luxury hotels; supervising, training and recruiting personnel as well as organizing fitness and social events for guests and Club members. Argentinean born, Italian descendent with living experiences in Latin America, Europe, and Japan (permanent resident since 1983).

List relevant professional certifications in health and fitness (define acronyms):

Physical Education Teacher (BPhEd), University of Buenos Aires, Argentina 1981
Swimming Coach ,National Sports Institute, Buenos Aires, Argentina 1982
Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification (Boston, USA) 2008
Flexcushion® – Japan Master Trainer 2009
Japan “Primary Walking” Association – Director 2010
Peak Pilates Master Instructor, Level III (Barcelona, Spain) 2012

What year did you join the Peak Pilates Master Instructor Team?


Hugo-Codaro-ActionWhere do you teach Pilates classes and/or Pilates Certifications/ Continuing Education workshops:

Body Mode Studio, Tokyo
Cortile roppongi Studio, Tokyo
Fusion, Osaka
Helsta Studio, Hamamatsu
Pilates Body, Numazu
Body in Motion, Jakarta, Indonesia
Anne Pilates, Seoul, Korea

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