How does Peak Pilates® bring you together?

Jolie and I have co-owned The Pines Studio for Pilates since 1998. I became a Peak Pilates® Master Instructor in 2002, then the studio became an Education Center. Jolie is also a Peak Pilates MI, and we employ Peak Pilates Certified Trainers so we literally “Speak Peak” here!

What makes teaching Peak Pilates unique?

Everyone who comes to our studio marvels at how “different” we are in our approach. We are focused on them and getting results they wanted. We teach classically and systematically…. We know the difference is Peak training. The  Five-Part Formula is first memorized by the students…they don’t really understand why… over time and many teaching experiences later, it becomes a mantra for success as a teacher.

What aspect of Peak Pilates keeps you motivated to continue working with the brand?

I have been a personal trainer for over 37 years. I have never experienced a better education program for fitness professionals. That is motivation enough. We get results with what we teach and HOW we teach.

How does Peak Pilates help you support your professional development together?

We love going to WSSC and PES as attendees as well as presenters. The information and overall quality of the educational experience is wonderful! We come back to the studio recharged and ready to teach! It never gets old!

How does Peak Pilates inspire you to challenge one another?

Don’t tell anyone, but we often listen to each other teaching! Often I will hear Jolie explain something really well and I go, “I am totally stealing that!” And guess what? She does the same thing!

Does Peak Pilates encourage you to further your education for yourself and your students?

WE love to involve our clients/friends in everything we do an often bring several clients to WSSC and PES, for example. Jolie started a program called Pilates on the Move.This was organized to encourage them to take Pilates to the streets! Run, Bike, Swim! Put that strong core to work and enjoy life!

What shared memory do you treasure most in your Peak Pilates career?

For me, every day I get to work with Jolie is treasured!!! I am so proud of the person she is and the teacher she has become. I often joke that under Jolie’s high school yearbook photo should have read the caption, ” Girl Most Likely to NEVER work with her Mother!” The world works in mysterious ways. I’m not saying that we don’t have our differences, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I think she feels the same way because she gets grumpy when I am not teaching!

How has Peak Pilates helped you succeed in ways you never imagined?

I can speak for both Jolie and I when I say that the MI program at Peak is tough, but it’s a good tough. If you aspire to become a Peak MI you will be challenged. At the same time, you will be given direction and motivation to be successful.

Does working together help you spread the Peak Pilates education to different generations?

We have such a variety of people in our studio…young/old, de conditioned / athletes, rehabilitating /healthy…just like most studios. Jolie and I often share clients and collaborate for their benefit. I think people enjoy the mother/daughter dynamic, especially when she dresses up to look EXACTLY like me on Halloween!

How does the quality, character and movement of the equipment shape a beneficial experience for both the younger and older generation of students and instructors?

The equipment is timeless! It’s for what you need to do and with whom you need to get it done with! Make it easy, hard, relaxing, deep, introductory or advanced, it’s so versatile. And the new Afina line takes Pilates equipment to a new level!

What inspired you to start teaching Peak Pilates to your daughter?

Jolie started to take Pilates from me after she experienced a personal, life-changing tragedy. She was in the midst of getting her college degree and was going through a difficult time. She agreed to start learning Pilates. Jolie was a natural, and before long, she had her first client! She finished her degree in Communication and now speaks Pilates fluently! Jolie didn’t limit her experiences with Pilates to just learning from “Mom”. Kim Barrett, a Peak MI, was also a big influence as was many trainers she learned from in her travels around the U.S. and Europe.

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