A New Year means new beginnings and new Pilates studios! We love to share success stories from our Peak Pilates® community, and this month, we want to shine a spotlight on PosturFIT Pilates & Barre in Houston, Texas.

Ashley Stevens and her husband John opened their new studio in November. Ashley has been a Peak Pilates certified instructor for several years and decided to take her passion for Pilates to the next level with the recent grand opening of PosturFIT Pilates & Barre late last year. The boutique studio features six beautiful Total Workout System® (TWS) Reformers and also hosts dynamic barre sessions for a more contemporary workout.

Ashley took the time to share some of her experiences with Pilates and how her passion evolved into a business.

pp_1366x768_studioimage_01_v01Q: How did you two first get involved in Pilates?

A: Having grown up around all things dance and music, I saw all the benefits Pilates could offer to someone who was constantly pushing their body to the limit, inspiring me to want to start a Pilates certification process.

However, beyond the applications Pilates has for dance, I also watched my mom struggle with scoliosis and pain her entire life, and I decided I wanted to help others remain mobile as long as possible. We all have so many options with how to care for our bodies, but there is no quick fix, and it is important to give yourself the time and chance to be stronger.

On a personal note, I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2012, and after several surgeries and alternative attempts to conceive, my husband and I found we were unable to have children. Struggling to find a purpose in a world where “everyone” seems to be running the same race to start a family, I focused on Pilates. Pilates helped me rediscover and remember that life is precious and full of surprises that challenge us every day. It isn’t about perfection, and I NEVER thought I would have a studio of my own, but Pilates has helped us both center and feel more prepared to face those challenges head-on. Joseph Pilates talked about working from the inside out, and we too believe and have witnessed the majority of how we respond to challenges is dictated by how we feel internally.

As for my husband, he is a true Renaissance man: a music major, a professional opera singer, business owner (IT & oil and gas), an avid hunter and a self-taught sous vide chef. I am one lucky wife! He was my guinea pig at the beginning of my certification process and caught the bug. He started doing mat classes every day and fell in love with what Pilates did for him. We are not spring chickens anymore and decided that we should share this gift with others. If we could give others a glimpse of what Pilates has done for our lives, we can run this race of life with real purpose.

pp_1366x768_studioimage_02_v01Q: What made you decide to open PosturFIT Pilates & Barre?

A: After receiving my Level 1 certification, I started teaching at a handful of different places around Houston. While I loved some parts of all places, I didn’t love everything from ONE place. Early last year, John and I tossed around the idea of having our own studio. In the spring, he made a random phone call to a friend who knew of some commercial space that was available in a fabulous location! We talked and prayed and realized that nothing ventured, nothing gained. If we could make people feel good in a safe, peaceful and fun space, then we were willing to give it a try. After a full remodel, PosturFIT opened its doors late in November 2016!

Q: What makes PosturFIT Pilates & Barre special?

A: Our hope is people feel at home that they are cared for and know PosturFIT is a place for growth – not perfection. Anyone can come just as they are, no matter their age, experience or stage of life. We’d like to think some of our secret sauce is in the lighting design, the super fun plum ceiling and fantastic equipment! John was big on scene lighting and the sound system, and I wanted a particular aesthetic and feel. Hopefully, when you walk in our doors, there is just “something” you like about it that makes you want to come back and even bring a friend!

Q: Why did you choose Peak Pilates for your professional education? 

A: While I was researching where to complete my certification, Peak Pilates kept popping up. I loved that they seemed well-known not only in the States but internationally. So, I asked my friend/first instructor Amanda Grant of Lifecycle Pilates about Peak, and she confirmed their great reputation. There was a Level 1 module that weekend, so I signed up and started this journey in August 2014.

It has been a joy and a privilege to be under the mentorship of both Melody Morton Buckleair and Cathy Terrazas at The Good Space Pilates, Barre and Yoga Studio.  They have really promoted a spirit of family, support and inspiration throughout this Pilates journey, and we hope to continue to pay it forward with these principles in our new endeavor with PosturFIT Pilates & Barre!

Q: Why did you choose Peak Pilates equipment for your studio?  

A: After working on several brands, I am sold on the craftsmanship and functionality of Peak equipment. The ability to move and flow from one exercise to the next just makes much more sense on this reformer. I couldn’t imagine having any other equipment in our studio! And to top it off it looks gorgeous in the space.

Ashley and John strive to base their classes on the classical ideals of Pilates with a contemporary twist, and their instructors cater to all experience levels. Join us in giving PosturFIT Pilates & Barre a warm welcome to the Peak Pilates family! Also, make sure to check out Ashley’s story and custom studio.

This Article was contributed by Emily Robertson, Peak Pilates Brand Coordinator.

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