By Suzanne Meledeo


Imagine walking down the hall to grab copies from the printer, a normal everyday occurrence, when suddenly your foot rolls to the side and underneath you. Instant pain radiates from your foot. In that moment, you recognize the importance of your feet and all they do to keep you moving daily, and the fact that you cannot stand. What are you going to do next?

When I broke my right foot in August of 2022, I found myself in a position where I had to completely rely on others. I was not only in a boot with crutches, but I could not drive as my injured foot was my right foot. I was at the mercy of my husband and my son to take me everywhere I needed to go, plus, my jobs as a high school teacher and Pilates Master Instructor became much more difficult. It was a humbling experience yet one can learn so much through such experiences if we are open to growth. Will we let injuries completely stop us, or can we learn, grow, and pivot? As a result of my experience, I set aside my pride and relied on others, but I also did not let it prevent me from doing the things I love and need for health and wellness. I found a way to practice Pilates during my acute injury and used it as a great recovery tool for post injury! 

Leonardo da Vinci is believed to have said, “The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” Our feet are such an important part of what we do every single day. We all spend countless hours standing, walking, and driving without a thought about how we might do these things should we lose the ability to use our feet. I took my feet and their importance for granted until I experienced my injury. So, what do you do when you injure a foot? Can you still do Pilates to help maintain strength, stretch, stamina, and stability in the body without the use of feet?

Join me for a virtual workshop on Wednesday, July 12 at 2PM Central / 3PM Eastern and explore how to help your clients continue their Pilates work while their foot is injured. Pilates can help your clients retain strength, stability, stretch, and stamina in their bodies while their foot is healing as well as help them recover post injury and rebuild strength in their injured foot. Foot injuries can truly impact people’s lives. As Pilates instructors, we have a desire to help others maintain their health and wellness, and Pilates is a practical way to help our clients continue to move throughout the foot recovery journey.


Virtual Workshop Registration: Free Your Feet: Help your Clients Recover from Foot Injuries and Congenital Anomalies

Date & Time: Wednesday, July 12 at 2PM Central / 3PM Eastern

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