Zoey Trap, MS shares the details of a new fitness fusion program on the block. And of course, it features Pilates… Read on to learn more.

What is FitCore™?

FitCore® is a Pilates fusion approach that brings the best of Pilates and fitness together to inspire, challenge, attract and retain students. More specifically, it combines Pilates Mat, Reformer, Chair and Pilatesstick® with bodyweight exercises from traditional fitness, yoga, and other movement disciplines.

FitCore™ is fresh! Students are moving on and off the equipment. Movement and motivation are enhanced by music. You’ll find that the classes are jovial, lively and fun!

Why FitCore?

As we come out of confinement seeking our tribes, the “group fitness class” movement will continue to expand. When group classes are well-designed with balanced workouts, they can be a powerful way for people of different experience and fitness levels to come together. With new FitCore™ workouts rolling out regularly, clubs and boutiques will be able to keep both their instructor and member interest high.

How does the FitCore™ fusion program stack up to other fusion programs?

Fusion has been a huge trend in the industry! FitCore was created to meet this need by offering classes designed by Pilates experts that take the guesswork out of creating and teaching a balanced workout.

The FitCore™ innovative use of pre-designed choreography also allows instructors to mix and match options to create a variety of well-balanced workouts that utilize different equipment pieces, all in one workout. Instructors receive workout updates that keep classes varied and students excited to learn more. In that way, every instructor can be successful.

Unlike some other fitness programs that require ongoing fees, FitCore instructors who successfully complete the specialty certification may call themselves FitCore instructors without paying a licensing fee.

Who is eligible to become a FitCore™ Instructor?

FitCore has been designed with the fitness professional in mind. If you have an existing group exercise or personal training certification or are a certified yoga instructor, FitCore offers you new tools, options, and a new career pathway.

Sound like something you’d like to do?

The FitCore™ Group Instructor Specialty Certifications combine online and instructor-led workshops. The workshops are offered both virtually and in-person. Take one or take them all… get a head start as we roar into a brave new future. Check out these courses to begin!

  • FitCore™ Mat Group Instructor Specialty
  • FitCore™ Reformer Group Instructor Specialty
  • FitCore™ Chair Group Instructor Specialty

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