By Zoey Trap

Years ago, I was at a convention and walked by the Flexcushion booth. My head spun round and I had to stop and “play”. Immediately, I was so excited about the possibilities of this amazing wedge and what it could mean to my Pilates students. Today, I honestly couldn’t teach without one! I have discovered a prop that can work the entire spectrum of clients, from special populations to elite athletes, and have been inspired to explore how to make the work more accessible and more challenging.

I call the Flexcushion “the one-stop prop” because it can be used in so many different ways:

flexcushion-corkscrew• Under the head and shoulders, it aides in lifting the head against gravity.
• It can be used for individuals with osteoporosis or others who need to work with their head down, allowing them to be better aligned and connected to their abdominals.
• Placed under the hips supine, it creates a greater stretch for the hip flexors stretch, facilitates more ease and mobility in the hips.
• Used in place of a small barrel, it’s great for individuals who should avoid extension.
• It can be used to teach students how lift their hips and extend their thoracic spines.
• For pre-natal, post-natal and breast cancer recovery, it’s a must!
• For the yoga studio, it provides an oversize brick and acts as a bolster.
• It is a tool for stretching and challenging balance to add to any training floor, and of course adds core challenge for the group crowd.

I can’t imagine working with bad backs, hips, shoulders and necks without one. It truly offers flexible solutions. Most teachers who become acquainted with the Flexcushion are equally enthusiastic because it is also light, portable and stackable. Many students purchase them to complement their Pilates or improve their flexibility at home. And now the best news of all; Mad Dogg Athletics will begin to distribute them soon. We have had such a great response at Pilates Empowerment Summit (PES) to this amazing product and now it will be easier to find.

Pilates Flexcushion and yoga manuals are available through Pilates Solutions.


  • Celia Maluf

    I have used Flexcushion since I first took the first ws with Zoey in Denver (PES). I cannot say enough about the benefits I find, from making adaptations to clients specific needs to challenge mat group classes. My students adore the prop.
    I use at the studio I use everywhere!
    Thank you Zoey and Nao Sakata!

    Posted On March 29, 2016

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