It’s time to gear up for the Holiday season with a little help from Peak Pilates®.  From reformers to fuzzies, this Classical Pilates gift guide features a variety of our most popular apparatus and accessories, helping you to navigate even the most extensive Pilates wish list.  Visit our Peak Pilates® Shop to learn more about the items and how they can benefit your practice.PP_2050x2050_ClassicalGiftGuide_V02

1. Low Chair (Single Pedal)

2. Afina™ 4 Reformer

3. Arm Extender

4. Reformer Accessory Package

5. Afina™ Dancer Jump Board

6. Afina™ Jump Board (Standard)

7. Large Long/Short Box

8. Afina™ Side Split Platform

9. Premium Leather Swivel Handles (Pair)

10. Foot Loops, Sheepskin (Pair)

11. Resistance Ride Springs

12. Premium Leather Primary Straps (Pair)

Happy Holidays!

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