By Kathryn Coyle, Senior Peak Pilates® Mentor & MI

The Power Circle (aka Magic Circle, Fitness Ring) is a great tool for accessing the Powerhouse. It helps students connect and strengthen the critical connections (scapula to rib, heel to seat and the three anchors). It was the only ‘prop’ Joseph Pilates invented, and it’s rumored he made the early power circles from the metal bands that go around beer kegs.

Double Power Circle is a super challenging mat workout designed to help advance and challenge your intermediate and advanced students. As students learn to use two power circles at once, it will tax them mentally and physically, demanding more concentration, centering, control, and coordination.

Power Circles are versatile props that may be used in a multitude of ways. Here are some ideas:


  • Between the hands pressing inward toward Centerline to develop a better rib to scapula connection
  • Hands inside of the circles and pressing outward to connect the arms to the back and develop the upper back musculature
  • Between the legs or ankles, legs pressing inward to develop Centerline strength and awareness
  • Between the ribs and hands to connect more deeply in the Powerhouse and generate axial elongation
  • Between the hands and the head to strengthen the neck

Feet/ Legs:

  • Ankles inside circle pressing outward to strengthen the hip abductors
  • Power Circles hands, feet, or legs toward the floor to develop posterior chain strength and stamina

Tips for Teaching!

  • Try variations on your own body in your own practice before teaching them.
    • Not every exercise lends itself to double Power Circle, for example Jack Knife, so work with goal and intention and don’t just try to do it as a gimmick.
  • Consider who exercise variations are and are not appropriate for.
  • Work in some Power Circle fundamentals to get the students connecting mind and body.
  • Plan your transitions to keep the Powerhouse connected and promote flow.
  • In a group setting provide options for multi-level teaching such as just using one circle.

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