Travel with me back to the start of the shutdown. Many of our lives were upturned as we shut down in-person teaching and quickly pivoted in ways we never thought possible to launch online teaching.

Desperately looking for a new ideas and ways to keep my business alive, it struck me that I needed to up my social media game, so I dove into learning as much as I could about how to maximize my reach on social media. I quickly realized that this was a vehicle that could reach even more people about the beauty of Pilates in our new virtual world.

“The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier.” -Joseph Pilates

Joe himself had a goal of reaching the whole world with Contrology, and social media affords us the opportunity to reach so many more people with his work.

As I took courses on how to maximize reach on social media, particularly Instagram, I discovered a new passion to help Pilates instructors grow their businesses through creative use of social media. With the rise of online training, and the opportunity for us to connect virtually all around the world, instructors can utilize the tools of social media to their advantage.

Join me for my training, “Up Your Social Media Game: Making the Most of Instagram,” and learn how to practically employ and understand Instagram (with a small focus on other social media too) as a tool for your business. We’ll also explore how to use it to your advantage as a Pilates Instructor to organically grow your account and reach more people with Pilates. We will work on revising bios, and learn the difference between posts, reels, and stories as well as how use them to grow your accounts to reach more people. Plus, we will make a reel!

Join me and receive 2 CECs on Friday, March 19th from 1-3 pm CST!

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Suzanne Meledeo: After spending almost eight years in politics, Suzanne switched focus from drafting legislation about health care to active health and wellness. Now, as a Level III Peak Pilates® Master Instructor, with a demonstrated history of working in the health and fitness industry, Suzanne aids instructors and clients to reach their career, health, and fitness goals.

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