Covid-19 changed our lives, studio businesses and Pilates communities, and it forced us to think differently about education and teaching. At Peak, to stay connected with our own Pilates community, we created some hybrid formats that merge the best of live and online education. You can now get certified virtually as a Peak Pilates® Mat Instructor or a FitCore™ Mat or Chair Group Instructor.

How does virtual training work?

A virtual training is a combination of a real-time workshop with a Peak Pilates® Master Instructor (MI) and on demand digital content. You can complete these courses from the comfort of your own home! You’ll begin with on demand course videos, audios and readings that you can access immediately upon enrollment. Next, you will attend a Virtual Zoom Training with the MI and other attendees. Live time varies depending on the course, but it will be from 6-18 hours. Not to worry, no single session is in excess of 4 hours! After you’ve completed all learning materials and passed the online and practical assessments, you will join the ranks of our certified professionals.

What makes a virtual training so great?

Our on demand course materials provide the depth and breadth of theoretical knowledge and critical thinking skills you will need to lead a group class. You will be introduced to the basic mechanics of teaching the exercise formats and learn class design. Your virtual training will build on these skills and challenge you to hone your group skills teaching, allowing you to become a confident instructor through interaction and real-time coaching support from the MI.

Who is a good candidate for a virtual training?

At Peak Pilates®, we know that there is no substitute for the expert instruction of a Master Instructor and their invaluable coaching.  However, the reality is that travelling long distances and committing larger blocks of time is not possible for all. The virtual training helps everyone, regardless of location to have access to training. For example, instead of spending 2 entire days on a course, plus travelling and arranging accommodation, you can log on, complete the online portion, and then attend your course in 3-4 sessions spaced out over a few weeks. A hidden advantage of this format is that spacing out the learning makes material easier to retain and practically apply.

Hands-down: If you desire convenience, ease and no travel…this is the right certification format for you.

How does it work?

  1. Determine your pathway with FitCore™ or Peak Pilates® Mat Certification. The Peak Pilates® Mat course progresses through multiple levels, while the FitCore™ training is one level with ongoing updates. Both are great programs, the Peak Pilates® Mat is a classical offering while the FitCore™ programming is fusion based.
  2. Register for the desired course and dates that will work for you.
  3. You’ll receive an email with details to access your course through our online learning platform – PeakU.
  4. You can begin your coursework immediately, or whenever you’re ready, prior to the Virtual (Zoom) Training. Assigned online work must be completed prior to attending the virtual session.
  5. After completing all the coursework, including the Virtual Training, you’ll have access to the online exam, which you can take within 30 days. You’ll have two attempts to pass (80% or better). The practical assessments of teaching and technique are conducted in the last virtual session.
  6. Upon passing, you’ll be a certified FitCore™ or Peak Pilates® instructor (valid for 2 years). 14 CECs must be completed in that time to stay current.

Is the course approved for continuing education?

Yes, it’s approved for AFAA credits.

Do you need access to equipment for a virtual training?

It depends on the course! For the Peak Pilates® or FitCore™ Mat, you will only need a mat and space to workout. For the FitCore™ Chair you must have a chair in your home or studio. The MVe® chair is a wonderful piece for homes or studios and you can purchase one here.

Why isn’t FitCore™ Reformer offered virtually?

We experimented offering this course virtually; however, we found that it just didn’t provide the quality experience we are committed to. The reformer is a large piece, and teaching it requires different technical and teaching skills than the mat and chair require; and so we decided to leave FitCore™ Reformer as a live-only option.

Whatever your pathway, traditional or virtual – we hope to see you soon on a course!

Written by Zoey Trapp, MS

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